Comic Review: The Death Defying Doctor Mirage #1

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First I must state this is my first Dr. Mirage experience. I missed the last limited run and have zero knowledge of the character. I can gather, being a Valiant character she’s probably a bit strange and well-rounded but other than that…I’m at a loss.

As I found out Dr. Mirage, the professional name for Shan Fong-Mirage, has the ability to see the dead, not only does she see them she commutes with them on regular basis. In Fact, Shan’s partner in crime is her dead husband Hwen, who died tragically but through some kind of magic is able to reappear.

Issue #1 starts with a possessed nuptial in a Hollywood Hills chapel. Two young punks ready to tie the knot are taken hold of by the deceased. After that case is resolved, by Shan, Hwen and Shan’s manager. Shan’s manager, Leo Bern pitches them a TV show, which feels like happen at some point in the series. After the TV discussion, Shan and Hwen travel to Spain to explore their relationship and purpose with a physic named Seline. From here on out it goes from just being interesting to fantastic…I won’t deluge any details. Let’s just say it revolves around more magic, ghosts, and mystery.

Writer Jen Van Meter and artist Roberto De La Torre, along with David Baron have crafted an intriguing, magical paranormal experience. Mr. Mirage is one of the most original hero’s I’ve read, and I encourage anyone looking for some on the road less travel to check this title out. Needless to say Valiant does it again!


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