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It’s been a distance of almost eight months in between issue #1 and issue #2 of Sabrina, and I’d like to think those reasons are as dark and mysterious as this retro gothic tale.

While issue one was very much the origin of Sabrina, this current issue focuses on another devilish vixen; Madam Satan. Conjured from the pits of hell by Rivendale’s favorite cheerleaders, at the end of issue 1, MS is pure evil poured into a pencil skirt. Requiring the consumption of human flesh to sustain her powers, and to disguise her grotesque skull face; Madam Satan is a killing machine.

Hell bent on continuing to torment Sabrina’s poor mother, Diana, MS stumbles onto the knowledge that her halfbreed Sabrina is alive, and growing in power and angst. The only roadblock between the two is a few humans, but what’s a few more dead people?

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s script is ripe with wit and horror, mirroring his style from his Afterlife With Archie. Companied with Hack’s Silver Age pulp styling; Sabrina reads like an American International Picture staring Vincent Price. A worthy companion to the Afterlife With Archie, that every lover of spook and terror should pick up.

Note: We’re very happy to have Archie Comics on board, look forward to many more Archie comic reviews!

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