COMIC REVIEW: Swamp Thing #1

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Poor Swamp Thing, such a great character that just never seems to find his place. A few years back Jeff Lemire did the big green guy justice with the New 52 title, but all good things come to an end and Swamp Thing was soon sent back to the green muck from where he came. Then word hit that Swampy was coming back and do so by comic legend Len Wein (if you don’t know his work get to Googling).Out of all the titles that DC announced they were again relaunching (to be fair it had been almost 3 minutes since a comic was relaunched and they were over due for a good launching….) Swamp Thing was high on my list of “Maybe This Won’t Suck So Bad”. Man, was I wrong. Swamp Thing didn’t not just “not suck” it’s a great comic book that harks back to comics from my childhood.


Aging comic creators returning to titles they had a hand in years ago is nothing new and sometimes can lack what originally made those titles so great. Wein does not have this problem here. He is right at home with Swamp Thing and the story oozes with love and passion to an era of comic books that has long past. Wein is able to return to this era without a feeling nostalgia or pandering to the reader. He fully embraces this era and it is right where Swamp Thing belongs. This feeling is fully captured by artist Kelley Jones. Jones has a basic, bare approach that may lack certain details, but only helps enhance the depth the of the character. Jones and Wein are a comic book dream team and I believe I, personally, have done something great to please the comic gods that brought these two together! You’re all welcome.

Swamp Thing #1 is perfect jumping on point for first time readers who have been wanting to break into the world, but never really sure where to jump. Swamp Thing has had it’s up and downs over the years and it’s a title I’ve never stopped rooting for. And thankfully DC hit a home run with this one. It’s a great comic that help to remind this cynical fan that comics do in fact get comics get made like they use to…