COMIC REVIEW: Super Sons #1

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Out today from DC is Super Sons #1, featuring everyone’s favorite Justice League Junior’s, Damian Wayne and Jonathon Kent. Story and words by Peter J. Tomasi (Superman), illustrated by Jorge Jimenez (Earth 2: Society). With colors done by Alejandro Sanchez (Injustice: Gods Among Us) and letters by Rob Leigh (Jonah Hex).


This issue begins with a prologue where a seemingly normal family sitting around watching TV and eating popcorn. When one of the children starts to demand things from the others, and everyone seems to just obey her. After a mandatory group hug, it’s revealed that the family appears to be on some sort of fabricated set. Cut to Now, Damian and Jon are running through the jungle being chased by what looks like robotic versions of themselves. In order to explain what the heck is going on, we go back two days earlier in Hamilton County, home of the Kent’s. It’s a cold winter morning and Jon Kent is standing out for the school bus. On the way to school, a pair of bullies are picking on Jon’s friend, so Jon what he knows is right and stands up for his friend. Later at school, Jon and his friend’s decide to have snowball fight. However the bullies have a different idea, hey put rocks in their snowballs. After hitting Jon’s friend in the head, it takes every ounce of his will to not use his powers on the bullies. Out of nowhere, a massive snowball falls off the roof onto the bullies. It turns out the culprit is none other than Damian Wayne, who’s been assuming identities of Jon’s acquaintances all day long. When Jon ask’s Damian what his motive is, he simply claims he wants to see how the other half lives. After Jon has dinner with his parents, Clark is called off by the Justice League, and it’s Jon’s bedtime. As he lay’s in bed, Jon hears  a voice, only to turn and see Damian in his bedroom. After little prodding, Damian convince’s Jon to help with a case involving breaking into LexCorp. Soon, Robin and Superboy are in Metropolis headed up the LexCorp tower. Seconds from infiltration, they are interrupted by none other than Lex Luthor, wearing his Superman suit.

This is the comic I’ve been wanting to read for almost a freaking year! Seriously, I have never been super into the DCU except for the key players (i.e. Batman, Superman, Flash etc). However with the whole Rebirth event I decided to completely dive in. Jonathon Kent and Damian Wayne were two characters that really stood out to me, not only as individuals, but also whenever they’re around each other. Damian’s over confidence and constant cockiness, plays well off Jon’s uncertainly and short fuse. After the first time I read them in the same book I instantly thought, there has to be a book with these two. This proves that DC does make wishes come true, and it does not disappoint.