Comic Book Review: Street Fighter X G.I. Joe #1

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Writer: Aubrey Sitterson, Art: Emilio Laiso, IDW

There’s a time and a place to mess with cross overs…so far Archie has hit the nail on the head with weird and bizarre cross overs, Punisher meets Archie, Archie Vs Predator. But now IDW has it’s on going of G.I. Joe meets Transformers, because nothing screams America like robot trucks and guns! But now we get really Merican with Street Fighter X G.I. Joe.

M. Bison the super villain from Street Fighter has teamed up with the M.A.R.S Groups Villain  Destro from G.I. Joe to host the World Warrior Tournament once again, because you’d think M. Bison would learn to think of some other way to take over the world. Crimson Viper for some reason has joined up with Cobra and is now going up against Snake Eyes in the tournament, After the fight we get a fight with Baroness and Rufus after that fight we find out that Destro has a super weapon and get this…the only way to power it…is by having 1 vs 1 hand to hand combat matches….WHAT!? I’m sorry but…WHAT!? Oh and there’s a guy who covers himself in Olive Oil and wrestles…Bub!?

Street Fighter X G.I. Joe is a concept that is just way to silly to take serious, the plot is ridiculous and makes for a really bad joke, it’s not really a cross over but more of an integration of the characters, everyone is already established in the universe as good and evil meaning that there isn’t an entire introduction to everyone, which is nice. The art work reminds me of a video game so that’s a plus..but my biggest issue is the story is just plan silly! If you’re a Street Fighter fan and a G.I. Joe fan then you’ll like this…but for me…I’ll pass.

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