COMIC REVIEW: Southern Bastards Vol. One

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Jason Aaron and Jason Latour
Image Comics

Southern Bastards is a story about a man named Earl Tubbs who returns to his home town of Craw County, Alabama after forty years of being away. He returns to his father’s house after his uncle is placed into a nursing home, because his uncle had been living in the house since his father death, which marks the reason Earl was last in town.

He notices a tree growing out of his father’s grave, which is said to be growing from the baseball bat that his father was buried with. His father was a legendary sheriff of Craw County, and was infamous with utilizing the bat to take down ne’er-do-wells, and it seems like the town has gone to hell since his father’s death. While Earl struggles with his resentment for his father, who put his job before his family, he realizes first hand just how lawless Craw County has become, at the hands of the high school’s football coach.

Earl's dad

Aaron and Latour have created an instant classic with Southern Bastards. Not only is the story fast-paced, gripping, and at times incredibly endearing, but Latour’s art work is gritty, detailed, and flawless. While I am not too familiar with Latour prior to this book, I am a huge fan of him now and will continue to search for his past work, while keeping up to date on anything new he will be working on. Expect awesome work from him in the future.

I’ve been a big fan of Jason Aaron since his work on Hellblazer back in 2008 (“Newcastle Calling” with Sean Murphy), and have read every issue of Thor: God of Thunder since it’s initial release on Marvel Now! Southern Bastards, however, is a whole new world for Aaron to explore, especially since he’s from the south and can write about the south like very few people can. I’m not southern, and have been called a bastard on a few occasions, but this book can make anyone feel like a carpet bagger. If this review doesn’t sell you on going out to buy Southern Bastards, then maybe Earl needs to hit you with a basket of fries.


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  • I’m sold. Great review.