COMIC REVIEW: Sex Criminals Vol.1

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Orgasms. You love them, I love them, everyone loves them. Now what if this toe curling, teeth gritting, eye squinting bit of nasty goodness gave you the power to stop time? How would you use it? Wouldn’t you want to find others who also had this same power? These are some of the questions explored in the first trade of Sex Criminals.


Sex Criminals is written by Matt Fraction (Satellite Sam, The Five Fists of Science) and illustrated by Chip Zdarsky (Prison Funnies) and is about a woman named Suzie and her boyfriend Jon who discover, in a happy coincidence, that they both have the same power when they orgasm. That power being that they get to go to a place, that Suzie refers to as The Quiet and Jon calls Cumworld, where time is frozen for a short while and they are free to do as they please. As you can imagine they do things while time is frozen that most of us would probably want to do, for example, Jon shits in his boss’ plants. (Lets be honest who hasn’t wanted to do that) That is until they decide to rob a bank and this gets the attention of the Sex Police. These are other people who can stop time when they orgasm and they decide if what you are doing will bring unwanted attention to their abilities.



There were moments in this trade that had me openly laughing. When Suzie was remembering about going through puberty and asking an older student about sex, the sex positions the older girl describes to her (I think the Dutch Microwave was my favorite) killed me. Also some of the facial reactions that Zdarsky draws on the character’s faces are hilarious. Yet, Fraction also gets you to care about the main characters and how they are going to get through the mess that they have made for themselves.

I must say that I really enjoyed Sex Criminals vol.1 and recommend it to anybody who wants a good laugh. Definitely not an all ages comic (if the title didn’t give that away) but a very fine adult humor book.