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When comic heavyweights like Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons bestow compliments on your work; you know you have something. What you have in Scarlett Couture’s writer, artist, and creator , Des Taylor’s case, is an eye-candy stylized espionage wiz-banger!

Built on the premise of : “What if the Bond girl was the hero and James was just along for the ride.”  Scarlett commands all the qualities of 007; cunning, charming, provocative and trained to kill.  Taylor has created a very welcomed new heroine on the comic scene. 

Paced like a summer blockbuster, we are dropped right into the heat of it. An international group of terrorists are kidnapping super models (not the worst gig for a hired henchman) and are holding them hostage.  Unfortunately for said henchmen, Couture and here crack team are onto their scheme. After a barrage of gunfire, close calls, and one liners…Scarlett has handled the threat and secured the damsels in distress, only to discover….

Sorry no spoilers. 

Despite familiarity with the plot, Scarlett keeps it fresh because of its retro infused pin-up style.  Building on the house that  Gil Elvgren, Vargas, and Tex Avery constructed Des Taylor’s Scarlett Couture is an impeccable digital age pulp mag cover queen. Unlike those painted beauties of yesteryear,though, Scarlett is dynamic, smart, and in charge.  Exploding with color and promise, Scarlett joins the ranks of strong, savvy iconic female characters like Red Sonja, Wonder Women, and Elektra. 

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