COMIC REVIEW: Savage Things #1

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Out today from Vertigo and DC Comics is Savage Things #1. Writer Justin Jordan (The Legacy of Luther Strode) tells the brutal tale. While artist Ibrahim Moustafa (High Crimes) illustrates the new eight-issue miniseries. Colored by Jordan Boyd (Deadly Class) and lettered by Josh Reed. This is both gruesome and intriguing with twist and turns that will hook you into wanting more.

The year is 1991, a troubled young boy is setting a small fire in a field before riding his bike home. Upon arriving home he finds a man in a suit pointing a gun at him, sitting between his two dead parents. The man only ask’s the boy what he would do if he let him go, the boy say he would kill him. Then the man tells the boy he will like his new home. Jump to now, it’s morning at the Manhattan Hotel and a man walks out as housekeeping is cleaning that floor. One of the maids is horrified upon opening one of the rooms, inside is several bodies gruesomely murdered with numbers scrawled in blood on the walls. The man who walked out is now smoking a cigarette while watching the chaos ensue, he smiles and walks off. Elsewhere, a man named Marty is pruning rose bushes when he is interrupted with a call. The person on the other end insist Marty calls back on his work phone, then tells him to turn on the news. After seeing the report and an email with crime scene photos, the two decide it’s time to activate something called Blue Ocean. Then discuss another program, one called Black Forrest. 25 years ago Dr. Martin Koenig is instructing a classroom of young boys, promising them they’ll do great things together. After introducing two other instructors, he precedes to tell them that they are all monsters. More specifically, sociopaths, that’s why they are there and what they all have in common. However, they can be useful instead of dying or going to jail for life, in project Black Forest.  One of the other instructors, Mr. Proctor, gives two of the students a test. Which they both pass, but he has another test in mind for the whole class, there’s 40 students and the door will open when there’s only 20. Now the grown up student Abel, is being followed by a small task force. After a frantic chase through an alley and into an abandoned building, an agent gets the drop on Abel and tells him that Koenig has a job for him.

Savage Things is just that, fucking savage! It’s seriously refreshing to see something as gory and sick as this. I know it’s not super scarce, but from bigger companies it is, and I get why. They try to put out books almost anyone, and parents aren’t going to be rushing out to get their kids something like this. It is perfect for people like myself who like graphic content but aren’t necessarily into the horror genre. Jordan also preyed on my love of secret government conspiracy and biblical reference. Such a crazy fucked up start to a series, I cant even imagine where it will go next. Make sure to pick this up to find out for yourself.

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