Comic Review: Sally of the Wasteland #5

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Sally5_Previews_Cover_Optimised_For_DiamondSally of the Wasteland creator Victor Gischler wasn’t kidding when he said no spoilers about the concluding issue of Sally when he recently sat down with us. (Interview Link, Here) Issue five takes Sally in a bold new direction, shedding the Road Warrior world for one closer to that of Beneath the Planet of Planets, with a heavy Brave New World overtone.

Sally, when we last saw her, was surrounded by humans in Ebola fighting gear. Her true love Tom had already been dragged away by these mysterio’s. This where the final chapter opens…

If you thought the toxic scenery and mutants was strange, it doesn’t hold a match to the steal incased underground of lab rats, androids, and mindless cult members. It’s here where Sally has to make her final stand…

I won’t spoil anything for you, it’s really good though. I’ll say I just hope Gischler and artist Tazio Bettin decide to take a trip back to this ooze mutant infested bayou, it’d be a welcome return trip.

Pick up Sally of the Wasteland, it’s Grindhouse scifi at it’s best!