Comic Review: Sally of the Wasteland #4

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SALLY_OF_THE_WASTELAND_004_RGB.jpg.size-600Titan Comics Written by Victor Gischler. Art and Cover by Tazio Bettin

This is by the far the best issue in the limited Sally series. The bayou gets bloody, as the mutant cannibals chase down and devour our hillbilly Gillian Islands crew. No spoilers; but no one is safe from their appetite. I mean no one.

I have to admit, though I’ve enjoyed the pure escapism of this series, I was a bit down on it. I felt I’ve been down this post apocalyptic joy ride before. Don’t get me wrong the art is bold and strong, characters are cheesy fun….but, this issue has changed my opinion. Again, no spoilers, but the creators make some pretty bold moves here in issue 4.

The highlight of this book is the ever fun, grindhouse girly Sally, armed to the teeth, and an ache in heart for Tommy. Sally and Tommy really have their back up to it in this episode.

I can say, that I am looking forward to see how this nuclear wasteland saga ends in the Big Easy.