Comic Review: Sally of the Wasteland #3

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SALLY_OF_THE_WASTELAND_003_PREVIEWS_BC.jpg.size-600Three issue’s deep into this white trash post apocalyptic nightmare and I’m still not sure if I like it. I’m just on the fence with this one.

I dig post nuclear holocaust stuff, but something just isn’t clicking for me here. Maybe’s is the over top tongue-in-cheek cliché’ characters, the total lack of weight in the story, I don’t know. I feel there’s a joke here and I’m just missing it.

Not to say the series hasn’t been fun to read, it has. Lots of fun, its great escapist cheese. The art is great, I enjoy the overall premise of the book, anyways…

Issue 3, finds Sally and Co. at home on their newly stolen pirate ship, minding their own business, until the Capt. runs into some cable and mutant zombies attack. You can image how it goes from there. Also, a rejected monster from the Pirates of Caribbean movie shows up.

Spoiler Alert: If you’re a Roll Tide ‘Bamazon fan, the girls are in trouble, man.

Sally remains her fun-potty-mouthed violent self, and seems to replaced her favorite shotgun, Bertha, for an ax, so good for her. The holy “Tech” that everyone is after, still looks like an iPad, and there are lots of weird mutant things in bayou.

Again, I really enjoys parts of this series, I do, but something just isn’t right.

Issue #3 is available today, there’s some Sally pin-up art in the back if you need something to hang up in your basement.

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