Comic Review: Romulus #1

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Sometimes you just have to rebel against that evil secret organization you know? Just you wait Bub…my uprising will be amazing..

Romulus revolves around an assassin named Ashlar who is…adopted? Born? Whatever, to the legendary assassin named Axis. Axis and Ashlar are the mother and daughter assassin duo that, assassinate people for the organization named Romulus. Besides them being the same name as a street that I lived on, Romulus has their hands in everything: Politics, Medicine, probably weird porn. But when Axis warns Ashlar that Romulus is actually evil..well..they rebel of course!

Romulus is just okay, it is very cliche,  with the whole concept of an assassin gone rogue done probably more times than I can count. This does not mean it is bad, but just feels like it’s missing that extra spark to give it that premise. We have seen secret organization story lines before and with Bryan Hill writing Postal (great series by the way,)  I was really expecting a lot more creativity. I will say though the art work is rather pleasing to look at, it does make you keep reading to see how the story unfolds. So it has that going for it.

I give Romulus an indifferent rating, maybe issue 2 and 3 will give us a lot more of a kick in the face and become a great read. Other then that, I’ll pass on this one…

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