Comic Review: Pinocchio Vampire Slayer versus The Vampire Zoo One Shot

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“Hey Iron Squid we want you to review Pinocchio Vampire Slayer vs The Vampire Zoo.” Yeah, sure, that’s fine…I’m sorry did you just form an actual sentence or just take a bunch of darts and throw them against words and then see what sticks? Seriously, first Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, then Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, and now…Pinocchio Vampire Slayer.

Alright so…a rabbit kills a wolf and then Pinocchio and his band of vampire hunters are on their merry way in a carriage, where they run into a zoo, everyone is so excited except for Pinocchio as he informs everyone that they must keep moving and continue killing monsters. But after some manipulative statements from Cherry, Pinocchio decides to change his mind…like an actual boy. Oh and there is a talking Cricket named Cricket…because there has to be. Anyway, as they move along some of his companions Isabella and Capitano point out that there aren’t any people around, and wouldn’t you know it right after that the ZooKeeper appears as a vampire…and then a giant talking vampire gorilla sends a bunch of vampire hyena towards them…just…read it.

This book is awesome! The critically acclaimed graphic novel by writer Dusty Higgins and Van Jensen are back with this silly and ridiculous short story! I’ve actually never heard of these until I was given this title to read and it made me want more of these and it’s amazing. Each page is literally full of “I can’t believe this is a thing…and it’s written and drawn so well” moments. Pinocchio Vampire Slayer Versus Vampire Zoo is a great read for anyone who’s looking to start with comics or is a fan of the previous series…check it out.

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