Comic Review: Oddly Normal #5

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I’m now bound by a blood contract by Otis Frampton to always review Oddly Normal no matter the case, even if I didn’t receive it on time….and I’m totally okay with that!

Oddly Normal continues to surprise and delight readers of all ages, we open up from where we left Oddly in the mist of getting bullied by a vampire and two werewolves….because she’s…not normal, clearly mirrors have yet to be invented. However, Mr. Gooseberry breaks up the fight and she gets blamed for it and sent to detention. She meets a goblin thing named Dave, who looks more like a Steve and is thrown into a jail cell. After being released, she’s confronted by the high school bullies again and is chased! This now concludes because giving away spoilers is not my forte.

Oddly Normal continues to be a consistent ball of story telling as Otis Frampton draws you in with creative characters in a simple story about going to middle school and getting a wedgie, or bit by a vampire…both of those are terrible. This little book keeps older readers and younger readers interested for many issues to come!