Comic Review: October Faction #1

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IDW Steve Niles & Damien Worm

With October Faction, Niles and Worm continue their conquest to ensure the horror comic genre is here to stay. Unlike their, horror tour-de-force Monster & Madmen, October Faction will be a regular monthly series, not just a limited run.

If you’ve read any of their previous work, you can expect intriguing dialogue, devilish characters, and superb artwork. I a sure you October Faction doesn’t disappoint; it’s a work of two masters.

October Faction centers around the Allen family. Fredrick Allan, the patriarch, once a famous monster hunter in the 70’s is now reduced to only talking about things that go bump in the night inside a lecture hall. His children, are weird to say the least, one is a warlock and the other a witch. Fredrick’s better half is, Delores, is a word scandalous.

In a recent interview with the Comic Book Review, Niles said, “October Faction will be Halloween every month if Damien and I have anything to say about it.”

I’m with you, Mr. Niles, all the way.

If you’re picking up just one book at your local comic shop, grab this one.

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