Comic Review: Ninjak # 2

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Duff here…

Ninjak is one verge of going from a very good charter to a great one under the leadership of Matt Kindt and Clay Mann and Bruce Guice.  The ultimate gentleman spy with a permit to kill–Ninjak out Bonds Bond.

Mann and Guice’s art is so fresh and so clean (Outkast, you remember?), it kicks and punches  in unison with Kindt’s dynamic script.  Ninjak’s world is sleek, sexy, with death around every corner. Inhabited by war lords, drug pushers, assassins, and other death dealers–Ninjak navigates it stealthily like one would around venous snakes.

Issue 2, finds the masked one undercover in Japan. Attempting to join the board of directors of the worlds deadliest weapons manufacturer, Ninjak must prove his loyalty to the company even if has to take a life to do so…

Entertaining and sophisticated, Ninjak is a worthy of everyone’s pull list!

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