COMIC REVIEW: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #12

In Boom, Comic Books by Garret Tumey1 Comment

Out today is Saban’s, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #12 from Boom! Studios. Written by Kyle Higgans (Hadrian’s Wall) and letters done by Ed Dukeshire (SOA: Redwood Original). Illustrations by Hendry Prasetya (Star Trek) with colors by Matt Herms (Sonic Universe). Including the usual short starring everyone’s favorite Bulk & Skull, written by Steve Orlando (Midnighter & Apollo). Art by Corin Howell (X-Files) and Jeremy Lawson (Teen Titans Go!). The adventures were never this big in the show, and neither was the danger they face. It’s an over-dose of nostalgia in the best way, with Zords, quirky robots, mysterious weapons and the Angel Grove Rec Center.

The issue begins after answering a looming question in everyone’s mind, Tommy Oliver (Green Ranger) and Billy Cranston (Blue Ranger), are now face to face with Lord Drakkon. Who has now revealed himself to be a different future version of Tommy, from some alternate time-line. Tommy and Billy escape the clutch’s of Drakkon with assistance from a familiar friend. Saba, the white rangers weapon, and he summons the thought to had been destroyed White Tigerzord to fight off Drakkon’s forces. Saba direct’s Tommy and Billy into the Falonzord and the fly off to safety.  Meanwhile in Angel Grove, the rest of the Rangers have called an assembly to ask for help finding the missing boys. Rita and the rest of her repulsive crew, are conjuring up a new scheme, involving Finster and Goldar. Now sequestered from the battle with Drakkon, Saba begins to explain to Tommy and Billy how the world became the way it is today. It all began with a choice made not too long ago, and it began with Tommy. When the Rangers first met Tommy, he was under the control of the evil Rita Repulsa, and was given a stolen power. After breaking Rita’s spell on Tommy, the rangers gave him a choice, to join them and fight on the side of good. In their world, Tommy choose to join the Rangers. This world’s Tommy made a different choice, and went back to Rita to carry out her plans. The two shaped the world to obey Rita, and chaos and destruction ensued. Saba complete’s his story when suddenly, Billy and Tommy are subdued by a few unknown warriors.

I grew up on Mighty Morphin’, I watched the show, the movie’s, had all the figure’s and even still have some of my Zords.  I might have gotten older, and I never got into all the other incarnations of the Power Rangers franchise. However, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers will always be in my heart, that’s why as soon as Boom! announced they were bringing it back I was all over the series. It not only satisfies all nostalgia of the original show, but matured like we did, instantly validating it’s time and place in pop culture. Higgins’ ability to keep developing these characters, that people genuinly know, is fascinating. We traded in quirky teens who constantly question themselves, for assertive young adults making unfathomable choices with unrelenting consequences. Prasetya’s work parralels the story, with so much grey and shadows on the now destroyed remains of earth. It’s no surprise that Boom! also released a mini series about the Pink Ranger. Make sure you don’t miss this issue, and if you haven’t read the series at all, just remember to when you were a kid running around screaming …”It’s Morphin’ Time!”.