Comic Review: Micronauts #1

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Earlier this week I tweeted out that reading Micronauts #1 was like stepping back in time for me. Being an 80’s kids it’s hard to remember the Micronauts. While I only had a few, mostly Joes and Transformers here, I did think they were really cool. Apparently so did a bunch of other cool cats… I didn’t learn until later that the reason I couldn’t get them was they were discontinued the year I was born, 1980.

Before I jump into the story, I want to mention just awesome this issue is. It’s a big issue, with lots of great ad-ons in the back like sketches, part of the working script and other cool insights. For a guy that loves to look at the creative process of making a comic I eat this stuff up. Also they are a million different variant covers available, including a 3-D one for those you like to collect stuff like that.

If you don’t know what a Micronaut is, and I’m sure most of you are too young to remember them. A Micronaut was a 4in robot that had a bunch of connector points so you could create much large robots. There were also some vehicles and a few playsets. Mainly everyone one remembers, myself included, the awesome tiny robots. Like I said above wickedly cool!

Ok so let’s get into this book…

I honestly don’t remember there being a back story for the Micronauts, maybe there was, but I don’t recall it. Perhaps because I don’t remember the origin that I was drawn into this book. Not sure, but if I didn’t know the beginning tale I might not have. I can honestly say I walked into this book without any preconceived notions what the Micronauts should be or shouldn’t be. Which I think is a great way to rediscover these toys of my childhood.

The plot focuses on a group of “Couriers” who are hired by a shady money type to recover something important but when they arrive at the location the once easy money turns into a bit more. Now I know this plot has been told a 1,000 times, but honestly it one you can’t get sick of. It’s a classic! The backdrop to the job is that all the planets and their inhabitants are slowly being consumed a cloud of energy. This is quite alarming, in fact the debate over what this ball of universe destroying matter is has caused such a rift that the organizations, (The Ministry of Defense and The Ministry of Science) that suppose to solve the problem have declared war on each other. Let’s just say it’s kinda of crappy time to be alive.

Written by the ever busy Cullen Bunn, Micronauts is great sci-fi escapism. Filled with lots of action, some jokes, and some promising characters, Micronauts is off to a great start. The book uses a host of artists, David Baldeon, Fico Ossio, and Max Dunbar to get the job done and all hold up there end of the bargain. If you like your space adventures stoked in fun, I think you’ll dig this book. I know I did.

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