Comic Review: Kiss #1

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Okay…yes…Kiss has had decades and decades of comic books. From the Marvel 1970s comics to the current Dynamite run of Comics! I’ll be honest I have owned one Kiss CD and have never picked up a Kiss comic book before. Side Note: Just because I do like Kiss, does not affect my opinion on this comic!

So we start out with a small backstory about a world without heroes and the world turning to suck. A great war has broken out and destroyed the entire planet, making people rebuild their city with the leftover pieces and are forced to live underground! We are then introduced to our main characters Eran and his twin sister, who are told that the surface world is dangerous for some unexplained reasons and the protectors who are robots can’t go out to see if the world is safe because they are there to protect them…what? Also, Eran has a map to the way out of Blackwell…

On a positive note with this book, the introduction is actually quite interesting, I was sucked into the concept of an underground society after a great war raged on for many years. But that is the only positive thing I could think of…

Kiss, is a book that feels like it is written for the sheer convenience, every aspect of it just feels like one big “Just go with it.” Constantly leaving me asking multiple questions that more I continued to read. Sure, having your reader ask questions is a great way to build suspense and interest. But with the dialogue constantly redirecting your attention and becoming consistently inconsistent, it completely defeats the purpose of bringing up the question.

I really hate to say it but…I expected so much more from Amy Chu, as she has a long history of great stories (Poison Ivy and Wonder Woman.) It is clunky and awkward to be constantly be bombarded with unneeded dialogue and vague character development, it is written at a pace that feels lazy and just feels uninterested It is almost like this was written just simply to sell a comic about a classic rock band from Detroit…but hey, I will say the artwork by Kewber Baal is simply stunning, it is bright, colorful and pleasant to look at!

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