COMIC REVIEW: Kick Ass #1 (2018)

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(4 / 5)

Kick- Ass is back!!! My excitement for this is so intense it requires 3 (Yes 3!) exclamation points. Mark Millar and John Romita Jr are back to continue the story the started a decade ago. Like any good reboot (sequel? Remake? Whatever.) is not so interested in continue Dave Lizewski’s story as Kick-Ass, but looking into the impact the erupted superhero trend had on the rest of the world. I’m not talking about the psychological impact violent masked vigilantes would have on us as a society. I’m talking about the Kick Ass franchises (or copycats, whichever term you prefer) that would start popping up around the country!

Patience returns home from an 8 year tour in the armed services to find out her husband (who she has supported financially) has left her and their 2 children broke, with a massive amount of debt and no job prospects. But don’t judge him too harshly, he’s an artist and found his soulmate… Yeah, he’s a grade A asshat. Patience has worked her whole life to avoid the pitfalls of her crime riddled neighborhood and turning to a life of crime now is not an option. BUT! Ripping off criminals to take care of her family (as well as “Robin Hooding” some cash to the needy) is an option. Armed with a green scuba suit and years of Military training, Kick Ass is back and doing what she does best: kicking bad guy ass!

Millar has an uncanny ability to point a spot light on America’s glorification of violence without ever wagging a finger or even making known that’s what he’s doing. He’s not passing judgement. The man makes a hell of a living off violent media and understands how to use it (in all its exploitive bloody greatness) to get his stories across. And Romita is right along bring this insane, violent world to life. Honestly, reading a Kick Ass comic not illustrated by Romita would feel wrong. Not a knock against any other artist working in this nutty universe (Kinda stoked to see what Ortiz does with the next Hit Girl arc), Romita help shapes this world and he is right on track with Millar. This is some of the best artwork I have seen from Romita in years.

Kick Ass issue one is a hell of way to kickstart this series. Kickstart is the wrong word. It’s more like a baton to the back of the head! Keep  checking back here for updates, reviews and interviews.

Kick Ass issue 1 hits the stands on Feb 14th courtesy of Millar World Comics!