COMIC REVIEW: Jim Henson’s The Power of the Dark Crystal #1

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Out tomorrow from Archaia and published by Boom! Studios from legendary Jim Henson, It’s The Power of the Dark Crystal #1, the first of twelve from writer Simon Spurrier (Crossed). Illustrated by Kelly and Nichole Matthews (Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy), and lettered by Jim Campbell (MMPR, WWE). This comic takes place 100 years after the film The Dark Crystal and is a direct sequel.

The issue begin’s with a history lesson for the reader, in case you missed the prelude hit movie. The Crystal cracked, then rejoined and was reborn. After 100 years, the old witch Aughra, is still sitting in the Sanctuary gazing at the stars and  waiting. When all of the sudden, some thing on fire falls from the sky but it turns out to be some one.  A High-priest of the Crystal demands offerings from the villagers in order to be healed by the Crystal. It’s then revealed to us that the fireball from the sky, is a being from another world known as Firefast. Where everything is made of fire, and the people there are dying without help. It seems the only person who can do so is a Gelfling, so the stranger from above looks for one, using an ability to see things from the past. However they’re interrupted by the Sanctuary guard and are dowsed with water. After, they’re brought in front of the Crystal and the High-priest just as the ground is shaking. It would appear that Lord Jen and Lady Kira have been sleeping and are now awake, and wondering what has happened to the Light.

This issue was totally awesome! I was not a super fan of The Dark Crystal, but I freaking love Jim Henson! His imaginative characters and incredibly complex stories made an empire, plus made his and many of his creations household names. This series will not disappoint fans of the movies, because well, it’s based off a script written by Henson himself. It was originally meant to be a movie, but because of many different problems, it was never made. Which is a super bummer, but Boom! was able to bring it back and this should be an amazing nine issue’s.

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