COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Image Comics — Cannibal: A Southern Original #7

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(Bro, there are spoilers, so read at your own risk)

A sleepy Southern town gets overran by a cannibal/zombie-like virus and I’m pretty happy about it. Image Comics Cannibal: A Southern Original, Chapter Seven is right up my alley. I tend to swing towards stories that have an outbreak theme to them and this comic series really takes that idea and runs with it.

Now, if you are thinking that this is the poor-man’s Walking Dead, you’d be wrong. The story does start out with a law enforcement angle on when they started seeing the virus, with an agent trying to save his dad from his gambling issues. The agent reaches a pretty seedy place while bailing his dad out and runs into an infected person who he has to shoot right in the head because, well, the mother fucker bit him.

We flash to another story line where you are introduced to a rag tag team that is trying to smuggle someone in the back of a pretty sweet Jeep. After the group gets to a shack in the woods, the dude they are smuggling jumps out of the back and is in a pretty crappy mood because the shack’s owner is apparently in need of an ass kicking.

The fight ensues, and is a pretty good one with a lot of 60’s Batman TV series action words peppering the colorful pages. The fight is interrupted by a chick with a shotgun, named Jolene. The introduction to Jolene looks to be a big deal because everyone flips out and starts asking, “what the hell?”. We find out though the drama that the guy in the back of the Jeep that they smuggled in, knows Jolene. He attacked her, biting her and leaving her for dead. Well, Jolene is back, and she is a cannibal who doesn’t take any shit because she throws her shotgun right in his face.

After a very tense moment, Jolene lowers her gun, and talks forgiveness. She says she gets it because when the ‘sickness’ hits, you can’t control yourself and she now understands why he attacked her. We now know that at least two people are sick with this cannibal/zombie virus, Jolene and Danny, the dude laying low in the back of the Jeep. The gang heads inside the shack and starts talking about what they are going to do about this having these two cannibals in their midst.

After a knock at the door comes from possible cannibal killers, Danny decides to take matters into his own hands. In a very dark turn of events, he grabs the shotgun, props it under his chin and pulls the trigger.

Holy crap! I truly did not see that coming and what a way to make me want to grab the next issue. The drama, and backwoods nature of this comic is riveting. If you get a chance to curl up with Cannibal: A Southern Original, do it.

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