Comic Review: HellBlazer #1

In Comic Books, DC Comics by Iron Squid4 Comments

Sorry this one is late, for some reason the scheduling was off on this and did not realize it was out until yesterday. But I’m back to take a look at my old pal John Constantine and his wacky shenanigans!

Let me start off by saying: Swamp Thing riding in the back seat of Chas taxi is probably one of the funniest things witnessed in comic book history. HellBlazer feels old school, going back to the element of slowly building up to something bigger and badder as time goes on. Simon Oliver knows how to jingle keys into your face without allowing the person to catch them. Which is one thing I enjoy about this series, it does not, rush in and give away spoilers instead it is written almost like a detective novel, You are left figuring things out by actually reading!

I will say though, if you are not digging the story, Moritat art work will surely please you, it is dark, it is dull and fits perfectly with Constantine!

In a nutshell I really enjoy HellBlazer’s first issue, my only gripe would be if you are not fan of slow builds or unfamiliar with Swamp Thing or Constantine lore and writing style than you might be turned off, so for newer readers you have to go into it with the mindset of a detective!


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