Comic Review: HARLEY QUINN #27

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So a few weeks back I reviewed Harley Quinn and Her Gang Of Harley’s #1 (you can read it here) and I even interviewed the writers, Jimmy Palmiotti and Frank Tieri (listen to that here)…So I went into that book a mild Harley fan. Good character, but I wasn’t had over heels like so many other comic geeks. Well…I still might not have the fanboy crush or am I working on some vinyl shorts for comic-con, but I have found myself on a bit of a Harley kick. That’s why I was pretty pumped to see Harley Quinn #27 showed up in the email over the weekend.

Issue 27 picks directly from issue 26, so I highly recommend you pick that one up first. You won’t be completely in the dark, but you get a much better look not the origin of Red Tool. If you did read the prior issue, you’ll know going into this romp Red Tool has some things he needs to work out in group. You will also know he’s came to challenge Harley to a round of psycho roller derby. As per my usual, I won’t give away the details, but let’s say by issues end Harley finds herself in a forever after ever situation.

Once again,  writing duo Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner take care of the script, and once again it’s fantastic.  They write Harley the way she should be : violent, perverted, funny and deadly sexy.  Art duties fall to John Timms, who is quickly moving up my score chart.  This guy’s lines are just unreal, and matched with Alex Sinclair’s colors you have yourself a dynamic duo.

I’m only scoring this at B (85%) because while this comic is a solid read, there just have been so many great Quinn stories before. Not to say Red Tool isn’t a load of fun.  There’s a scene in this book where Tool has Harley tied up on a Ferris Wheel that’s just a hoot. I guess what I’m wanting to say is that I need to know what happens next in his tale before I’m able to give it a higher score.

This should not discourage you buying this book, not at all. This book doesn’t have a lazy panel in it.  Like all the DC books, the quality of talent is loaded here and for me anyways, that’s the worth the sticker price. Fans of Harley this book is a no brainer.  If you’re on the fence or looking at an entry point I might pick up a trade, but if you just want to be entertained give this issue a go.


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