Comic Review : GUTTER MAGIC #1

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Not my usual read, but I as curious to see the quality of work the popular Comic Experience workshops were putting out, so I took a gander. I figured it had to be decent just because IDW isn’t known for publishing bad books, and I doubt they want their name attached to a product of low character.

“Was it good or not?”

Short answer; yes. You’ll have to read further for the why it’s a solid pick up for the more adventurous comic shopper.

Following an alternative timeline, where magic and mythical creatures were introduced into the Second World War resulting in almost utter destruction of civilization. The world is still unsettled, magic is now the driving force of the caste system economy. This conflict of the haves and have-nots birth’s crime, poverty, and hell-bent determination our hero Cinder Brynes.

Cinder is a cocky ruffian, with a knack for trouble. He’s trying to steal a spell that would give him magical abilities like the rest of his family. He’s aided by a green gargoyle sorts named Blacktooth. Tooth’s major function is provide comic relief, but also make sure Cinder doesn’t get killed. Which is something he’s poorly qualified to do. From page one the duo, after a botched heist, are in constant peril.

Creative team Rich Douek (Writer) and Brett Barkley (Artist) do a great job of keeping the octane juiced from start to cliff hanger finish. They’ve created a rich world of interesting characters, seedy industrial backdrops,and mystical possibilities.

This genre hybrid might not be for everyone, but if you want a part alternative WWII history, part Harry Potter, part Steampunk, part heist movie, then brother… GUTTER MAGIC is that potent tonic your thirst desires. Only one confirmed side effect: fun. On shelves now!

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