COMIC REVIEW: Grass Kings #1

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Out tomorrow is Grass Kings from Boom! Studios, written by Matt Kindt (Ether) and illustrated by Tyler Jenkins (Snow Blind). The pair also created the series that is lettered by Jim Campbell (Giant Days). The team builds a picture of a town closed off to the rest of the world, where the land was fought for. The people protect it, and it’s ruled by the Grass King.

The land around the lake has been fought over and kept for generations, its seen renewal, rebirth and regrowth over and over again. It’s current carnation is known as the Grass Kingdom, and is ruled by the Grass King Robert. His deputy and brother Bruce just caught a trespasser on their property, and is driving him out of town. All the while giving a bit of a history lesson to the boy, letting him know how things work there. Explaining how the people who live there work with each other, there’s Archie the lookout and Shelly who seems to be a mechanic. They also have their very own airport, even if it only is a landing strip and a barn. However there are rumor’s from the town across the lake, like the killer that came through town and never left or the Grass King’s sickness for alcohol. Bruce runs into his brother Ashur on his way to see Robert, and lets him know he’s dropping the trespasser off at the boarder of town. The brothers part ways and continue on their task’s, Bruce drops off Lo at the town welcome sign. Then gives him a warning to tell the sheriff to mind his own business. Ashur walks up to a decrepit old house, and calls out for Robert. He finds him sitting on the back porch staring off at the lake. Ashur fills him in on whats going on, then Robert dismisses him without even a glance. After Ashur leaves, Robert remembers a sunny day with his daughter Rose. She ask’s to hear a story, but Robert says he is tired and needs to rest his eyes under the tree. Robert is awoken later by his wife frantically asking about Rose. The two search and search, but do not find her. Robert is still staring into the lake as night falls, all of the sudden a figure crawls from out of the lake. Meanwhile across the lake in Cargill, Lo walks to the police station and into the sheriffs office. Where Sheriff Humbert is waiting, launching an investigation into Rose missing and the Grass Kings.









Grass Kings is definitely something different than your typical extremist group who lives on the fringe of society. The Grass Kingdom has a rich history based on the land and the people who live there. The characters seem so rooted into the community and genuine to the place. The art is very amazing, with watercolors reminiscent of Jeff Lamire. Including refined backgrounds and spread’s that bring the Grass Kingdom to life. The unexpected twist at the end also has me very interested in the next issue. Be sure to grab the first issue and take a trip to the Grass Kingdom.

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