Comic Review: Godzilla Oblivion #1

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Following the heels of the Dante Inferno riff Godzilla in Hell, IDW hits us with another tale of big green. This time Godzilla dwells in an alternate dimension where Japans is as burning wasteland and he is the only force to keep other monsters at bay. The alternate reality is discovered when a team of scientists and some black ops types open in up by accident in their lab. Like the cat, their curious nature takes hold and they proceed to explore the doomsday dimension. During which they caught up in a fight between two giant monsters. While making an escape, they are chased by a baby kaiju who sneaks into the safe reality before the wormhole closes.

Scripted by Joshua Fialkov (Ultimate Fantastic Four), art by Brian Churilla (Hellbreak, Big Trouble In Little China), and colors by Jay Footos (anything & everything) Godzilla Oblivion is a blast to read, especially if you’re a fan of GZ. Fialov’s script really buys that fun side of the Godzilla franchise. Mad Scientists, alternate realities just screams late night B movie and 70’s Godzilla. Churilla’s art is solid, and coupled with Footos classic color platte looks great.

I really enjoyed the use of classic late night movie character types like the scientist, the men and black goons, the quasi government type lady calling the shots and the alternate reality do gooder. While the issue is little light on big guy himself his presence is felt through out, always in the shadows. Like most first issues, it’s the set up…and the bait has defiantly been set. Now it’s time to wait for a bit.

The first of five issues, Oblivion is a fast read that really evokes the fun side of the Godzilla franchise. It’s a nice counter balance to dark and heavier Godzilla in Hell. Which is what makes Godzilla such a great character…he can be goofy or straight up scary but he’s always King of the Monsters.



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