Comic Review: Ghostbusters Annual

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Ghostbusters Annual is a full containment unit friends. Ratcheted up with 52 glorious pages, the boys in gray know how to entertain.

I won’t go into a diatribe of my affection for this series (again), you can look at my past reviews and dwell on my unhealthy infatuation with this book and the entire franchise for that matter. So I’m just gonna jump into the meat, kidos.

Unlike most “Annuals”, this one actually carries the story along, or should say expands the story. There are certain elements in the main entry that reward long time readers–which I love. So many “Annual” feel like a money grab, this happily I can say does not. ( You need to have extra cash to pick up Transformers: Sin Of The Wreckers & The Dark Knight: The Master Race, anyways)

I won’t give away too much details, but I will say the villain in this book, The Sandman, is one of my favorites. As Ray would say,”…a real nasty one…” The Sandman really gets into the guys heads, and things get trippy.


Outside of the main story, there are nine short episodes attached on. These are pure joy to read, just lots of fun honestly. Burnham handles most of the scripts but the art is done by different teams. My favorite outing here was, “World of the Psychic”. I always wished the second film went more into Venkman’s paranormal tv career.

“What about the creative?”

What do you want me to say that I haven’t already? Dan Schoening and Luis Delgado are fantastic as always. Each issue is better than the last I swear.

I will note this…

Erik Burnham should get some kind of award for this, and all his work on this series for that matter. It’s a tall order to keep the needle buried as long as he has, but he keeps finding away.

Get this book! It goes perfect with pumpkin pie and cool whip!