Comic Review: Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues #4 (of 4)

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Duff here…

“By Grabthar’s Hammer!”, IDW’s Galaxy Quest has been a riot to ingest. Written by the humorous Erik Burnham, and Spaniards Nacho Arranz and Esther Sans providing the art; the fictional crew of the historical records makes the transition from screen to comic with ease and style. 

Our heroes have just gained access to the alien world of Drythan, now they must penetrate the city fortress of Kenwhey, to destroy the control station before it gives the orders to decimate the universe.  The only roadblocks Taggert and crew must hurdle are androids, armed guards, a dwindling time frame, and the greatest obstacle of all…themselves. 

Never giving up, and never surrendering a joke, Burnham’s narrative is witty, dialogue driven and tight. Similar to his excellent work with the Ghostbusters and TNMT’s, Burnham honors the source material and only compliments it with his additions, leaving many breadcrumbs between the two.  Of course the story would be nothing without the art, the team of Arranz and Sans skillfully rise to the challenge. 

This a perfect title if you’re looking for a fun, lighthearted affair–being a fan of the film isn’t required but it helps.  For us Galaxy Quest fans, this a tasty snack to hold us over until the newly announced TV is cast and broadcast. 

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