Comic Review: Edward Scissorhands #1

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Edward2 While I have positive memories of the film, I can’t say it’s even one of my favorite Tim Burton outings, those spots are held for Batman and Big Fish, Nightmare Before Christmas is up there too. So when I sat down to read this comic, I was really going into it with no expectations.

What I found was the beginning of a wonderful, whimsical tale of Edward years later, still removed from the world in his castle. He’s sad, joyless, but still full of wonder. Alone, he searches through the inventors books and discovers a creature, like himself, that was never finished…

Kim, Edwards beloved, has since passed onto that big hair salon in the sky, but her granddaughter Megs, remembers the stories of the stranger who made it snow…

The writing is playful, and true to the film. The art is very animated,and I really dug the little easter eggs throughout. Overall, a very nice outing. This is a limited series, and I expect it will sell out fast, so if you’re in the mood for something light, or looking for that collectible, this will defiantly do the trick.

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