Comic Review: Drifter

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Duff here…

The Drifter.

What can I say about the Drifter?

I could tell you it’s a fantastic sci-fi with elements of Planet of the Apes, John Carter of Mars and Dune.

Drifter01_CoverI could tell you Abram Pollux, you anti-hero of this tale, is branded in the same leather as Leonne’s the Man with On Name.

I could tell you it’s breath of cool, crisp Co2 into the stale lungs of the space comic genre.

I could tell you that Writer Ivan Brandon (Wolverine, Men of War) and artist Nic Klein (Captain America, Thor) have created an epic space narrative.

I could tell is a story of how space is not only vast and infinite but also isolated and claustrophobic.

I could tell you all this and it would be true.

This book is so finely crafted, so real. I felt every speckles of dust as Abram discovers the lawless alien world of Ouro. Ouro is not bright and shiny, it’s dark and dirty, filled with frontier characters. Ouro is not a place for the innocence.

Brandon’s script is superb, in a recent Image press release he summed up Drifter like this:

“Space stories are always this polished thing, but you can’t pack infrastructure in your backpack. For all our advancements in technology your gadgets need a signal to talk to, they need a power grid or they die. In Drifter there are still space ships and lasers but this is not a story about space admirals in starched shirts. This is about the first wave who get their hands dirty, the folks out in the mud and in the mines. It’s about going from our regimented society into the unknown.”

Did I mention Klein’s pencils? No. Well if you’re familiar with his work at Marvel, then you know it’s fantastic. Personally, I think this is his best, the world is so big, but no details are missed.

“Visually I am very excited to draw cool sci-fi stuff, but also I’m taking my work in a new direction, very few black shadows and most of the rendering done through color,” he said in the same press release.

Again I could tell Drifter is a completely original book, with bold art and larger ideas.
Again I could tell you this book is well worth your hard-earned money, and again I’d be telling you the truth.

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