Comic Review: DEJAH THORIS #1

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Writer Frank J. Barbiere (The Howling Commandos of SHIELD, The Precinct) along with Artist Francesco Manna take a crack at John Carter of Mars better half in DEJAH THORIS #1.

Dejahs have popped up in other Dynamite reads, most recently the excellent Swords of Sorrow saga. (I recommend buying the complete saga. It’s on stands now). But I don’t believe she’s ever had a tale of her own. Probably should check nexus Lexus to be safe. Anyways, it’s long overdue…

Burroughs Barsoom is such a rich place to explore. It’s space Shakespeare almost, big characters, high emotions, violence…what’s not to love. It’s the perfect place to set a story of a political and military coup. Essentially, that’s the plot of DEJAH THORIS #1.

DEJAH’s father, the king, is missing. This leads to suspicion of foul play at the hands of DEJAH after it’s revealed she might not be of Royal Blood after all. DEJAH is forced to escape Helium with help from her chamber maid, leaving John Carter to prove her innocence, while she’s on the lam looking for clarity of her past.

Coupled with fine art from Manna,Barbiere does a solid job of building the build up into an intriguing puzzle. DEJAH is a strong character with a ton of upside. It will be interested how, going forward, John Carter fits into the narrative.

DEJAH THORIS finally gets hers, and proves she’s every bit the hero John Carter is. Also Dynamite proves themselves again as the king of femme fatales, or should I say queen….not good with the PC stuff.

Enjoy the slideshow preview above!

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