Comic Review: Danger Girl: Renegade #1

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Having not picked up an issue of Danger Girl from somewhere between April and June of 1999, but always having a fondness for the character; I decided a 16 year hiatus was a long enough break. 

Danger Girl: Renegade, a four-part mini series, from writer Andy Hartnell (co-creator), artist Stephen Molnar (Star Trek, DangerGirl: Trinity ), explores the origins of lead Danger Girl, Ms. Abbey Chase. Chase aka Indiana Jones with better assets, might be an international woman of intrigue able to escape the most death-defying. In addition to, out smarting an army of MENSA level IQed criminal masterminds. Unfortunately, these just aren’t job skills you pick up at community college. So where did she master them?

Hartnell’s script splits it’s time between a 13-year-old Abbey on the run , hiding from bandits while in search of her father and real-time Abbey on a mission in Ecuador. Coming off a bit cliché, but I would argue, in a series like Danger Girl, that’s not really a turn off. It’s a fun, pulpy series with one function: entertain. Which it does smashing for 32 pages. Even top tier artist and series co-creator J. Scott Campbell ( he does provide covers ) isn’t on art duties, Molnar work is just as satisfying. 

A lot has changed for me, and for Danger Girl I suppose, in our 16 year break. Technology, wars, work, marriage… I even heard she hung out with Batman and battled evil with a guy for a shotgun for a hand; but even with all the change something’s will stay the same. Danger girl is just as an amusing flight out of reality as it ever was. Renegade is an “ace “pick up for all time fans, or guys like me who are looking to delve back in.