Comic Review: Cutter #1

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Cutter01_CoverACutter, from Image Comics, coming out today at your local comic shop or available for download to your favorite viewing device, is your average little back from the dead revenge story just in time for Halloween.

The story begins with the our lady seeking revenge for something that happened all ago, with a large pair of scissors and her soon to be victim tied around a large tree in the woods. We quickly find out there is a second killing, and has been given the name of media has given her he name of “Cutter”. You know what two victims mean? There’s gonna be a third, and probably a fourth and fifth.

What ever has ticked off this scissor wielding undead psycho, appears to center around a childhood tragedy, evolving fire and some snarky play friends. You guessed it, the same snarky brats that are now being killed. It’s up the lone survivor of the soon-to-be dead club and the on the ready town sheriff to solve this mystery.

Image is release an issue a week this October. Robert Napton & Seamus Kevin Fahey’s script is serviceable, though a little haven’t I’ve seen this episode before? The real savior is Christian DiBari’s black and white pencils. I’m a sucker for B&W and it adds to creepiness. Though, the story isn’t very original, I dig the revenge concept, and will on board for issue 2. Maybe there’s a twist in the road ahead.

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