Comic Review: Brutal Nature #1

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This week I thought I’d take a different path and review a title I probably wouldn’t normally pick up, IDW’s Brutal Nature. IDW has rarely steered me wrong, but stories about the Spanish conquest of the Mayan civilization just aren’t my thing. Unless, Crystal Skulls and aliens are involved.

Written by Luciano Saracino and art by Ariel Olivetti, Brutal Nature focusses on Ich a young man who has the power to shape shift into powerful beasts with the use of different masks. While using magic mushrooms, he can also enter a mysterious spiritual realm inhabited by strange-looking monsters. Ich is man on a mission to rid the land of the war-minded- gold-seeking Spanish.

While Ich represents the good, a Spanish priest who leads the inquisition is a suitable villain. This torture hungry preach also has the ability to talk to animals, namely a raven named Lucien. Saracino drops subtle hints that this priest is far from a man of God, and possible be the devil himself.

Brutal Nature, takes a compelling look at a dark period in history while weaving supernatural elements throughout. Issue 1 does a solid job of setting the stage for an impending spiritual and physical battle, I’m just not sure I’ll be around to finish it. While Olivetti’s art is amazing, I’m not sure the book did enough to bring me back. I loved the brutality of the world, the creepy villain, and the magically aspects. But, for me, there wasn’t a strong enough hook to reel me back. Maybe you’ll be different? I don’t know.

I think if you are in the market for something different or you don’t enjoy superhero stuff, Brutal Nature is a good pick for you. I just wasn’t feeling it. But hey I’m kinda weird….

Pick it up at your local comic shop today!

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