COMIC REVIEW: Black Science Vol.1

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A crack of lightning, a man and a woman dressed like astronauts running through a bizarre, jungle landscape being chased by something. What is chasing them you may ask? Fish monsters! Not just fish monsters, but fish monsters riding goddamn other larger monsters. Does this sound interesting to you? (if monsters riding other monsters doesn’t sound interesting then I may lose hope for humanity) Then Black Science may be the comic for you.

Eel-RidersWritten by Rick Remender (Fear Agent, The End League) with art by Matteo Scalera (Dead Body Road) and coloring by Dean White (Kick Ass) Black Science is a fantasy/science fiction comic about a group of “Dimensionauts” travelling from different dimension to different dimension (now you see where the dimensionaut name comes from), from world to world trying to get back home. The problem is that the machine they use to jump dimensions, called the Pillar, has been sabotaged and now jumps them to random dimensions with a  different amount of time until the next jump. So not only are our groups of travelers dealing with not knowing where they are going and what will be awaiting them (and believe me there is some interesting things awaiting them), but they also have to deal with not knowing who sabotaged the Pillar.


blacksci02-p5-f8255The plot of this first trade moves at balls to wall speed while still taking time to develop the characters. Remender has done solid work in the past so it’s no surprise to me that this was a damn fine read. The art, which grabbed my attention from the get go, is great and suits the fantasy/science fiction feel perfectly. Scalera’s art along with White’s coloring and painted backgrounds work really well together. I felt like while I was reading this that each panel was important with either something going on story wise or just with the beautiful art that graces the pages or both. There really are no slow moments in this trade, which is something I love! Not to mention the endless possibilities of the endlessly different worlds we will get to see is something I look forward to.

So if fantasy or science fiction is your thing you are going to love this……..hell if comic books are your thing you are going to love this.  I highly recommend Black Science and I can’t wait to see what other worlds our Dimensionauts take us to in their future endeavors.