Comic Review: Batman/TNMT #1

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My inner 10-year-old (not named Ben by the way, very strange, goes by Hammerhead) just high-fived the universe for this bodacious gift from DC and IDW comics.

The winged guardian of Gotham teams with those green mutated sewer saviors…Batman and the Turtles in an epic 6 part miniseries from writer James Tynion IV (Constantine, The Eighth Seal) and artist Freddie E. Williams II (The Flash).

Ok, ok, ok…down to business. Is this comic worth it’s ink and paper?

Ecstatic to say yes. It’s always difficult with these magnets of nostalgia pieces to get lost in the warm fuzzies and overlook tiny elements like story and quality. Not an issue here.

The plot lays down like this: Batman is investing a string of thefts of high-tech lab equipment, including an experimental generator capable of unspeakable chaos. The attacks are being carried out by a new mysterious group of ninjas. One thing all the witness can agree upon is at each heist “green alien type creatures” also make an appearance. I think you guys are smart enough to figure out who the ninjas are working for and who those freaky green dudes are.

Oh, and I have to add that Killer Croc shows up also.


On the subject of Killer Croc; Williams II rendition of the big nasty is just that big and nasty. So good. Speaking of the art, Freddie E. Williams II is solid throughout. I felt there was a healthy level homage to Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman in the pages; especially the use of heavy black and respect to the shadows. Can’t mention art without highlighting Jeremy Colwell’s colors. Downright funky they compliment Williams inks, the way chicken compliments waffles; sweet and savory.

Script wise, James Tynion IV is more than up the task to make this story punch and kick. He’s able to naturally bridge the fun side of the Turtles with the more serious Batman, not the easiest task. I think it would’ve been an easy cop out to write Batman campier, but, thankfully, he stays the course with eternal detective Batman, benefiting the narrative greatly. How can I not mention the turtles? How can I not? Tynion nails their preteen angst , the juvenile attitudes, and, most importantly, the turtles’ sheer awesomeness!

Wanting to make sure you have enough time to get to your local comic shop and buy this bad book, I’ll wrap this up…

Batman/TNMT is an excellent escapade for any fan boy or girl. Truly, a first-class example of how to do a crossover. You’ll be justified in buying a slice of za for Tynion, Williams and Colwell; they deserve it, oh, and DC and IDW too for making this event happen.

Bonus:Listen to my interview with Writer James Tynion IV on the latest episode of Obi Wan’s Beard!

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