Comic Review: BATMAN REBIRTH #1

In Comic Books, DC Comics by Matthew Pionk4 Comments

After The New 52, DC once again “reboots” its main continuity with REBIRTH! Batman Rebirth #1 quickly dips us into the flames with an arc focused around a villain causing the seasons to change daily as well as age according to the season; ultimately he dies but is reborn a younger self with knowledge of his past forms.

The usual Batman ensemble is present for the latest iteration of the caped crusader on-going monthly title. Bruce Wayne is once again Batman, Alfred helms the daily caretaking at Wayne Manor, and Lucius Fox is once again fixing the financial fiasco caused by his employer. Rebirth #1 serves as a primer, moving quickly through a period of a week and four season changes, through a plot that involves weaponized spores planted by Julian Day throughout Gotham and a new sidekick enlisting his services with the dark knight.

The creative team led by Scott Snyder and Tom King keep true to the darker toned Batman readers have become more accustomed to over the last few years. With a deeply developed plot, oozing with intrigue, this book is sure to be a page turner for the diehard and casual Batman fan. Be sure to check out Batman Rebirth #1 as well as all the ongoing titles of the Rebirth series at your local comic shop when they go on sale through June with Batman releasing on June 1, 2016.

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