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After last issues’ swan song to creative team Snyder and Greg Capullo, I thought it was going to be tough to put the cape and cowl back on. Synder and Capullo’s run is just legendary, the Court of Owls alone is call for the comics hall of fame. I thought the handling of issue 51 was a perfect note to end the series on and that last full-page image of the Dark Knight perched high above Gotham keeping watch is haunting.

But like all things we must move on…another day, another issue, new creative team…it’s almost like a Rebirth or something. I mean Batman doesn’t have time for reflection (or does he).

First of all…

I’ve read a number of comments regarding the advanced artwork for issue 52. Most of it has been negative, and mainly centering around that fact it’s an origin tale. This I don’t understand. One; Batman has a dark, gritty origin that oozes pain we can all relate two. Two; The entire essences of Batman rests in the murder of his parents. Of course we should revisit it. Three; For those morons who ripped Riley Rossmo’s art…I’d hate to see what you think is “good”. Rossmo if fantastic. If you prefer Capullo’s style over his that’s one thing, but to say the Rossmo can’t draw…seriously.

Ok, got that off my chest…

Like I said it is a bit of an origin tale, told in flashbacks, while Bat is chasing down Crypsis, a thief that can become hologram like. Oh, he also has guns, in case the whole disappearing thing doesn’t work out. Batman’s first of several flashbacks takes place two weeks after his parents murder and follow his training, and early escapades. It’s also made clear that his present day chase of Crypsis is still very early on in his career. I don’t want to spoil it but story has really neat hook that ties it together.


Snyder protegé James Tynion IV handles the script, whose previous Bat (Batman Eternal and Batman/TNMT) efforts more than speaks for themselves. While Tynion IV doesn’t have doesn’t have the clout Snyder does, he certain has chops. It’ll be interesting to see where he takes Detective Comics once Rebirth happens. As I stated before, Rossomo’s art is stellar and Ivan Plascencia’s color palate is righteous.

While this issue is a bridge between the New 52 and Rebirth, it’s one worth crossing. I don’t know anyone, or at least anyone that loves comics who can pass up a good Dark Knight story…honestly anyone?! At the very least, if it does nothing else besides excite you for Tom King and David Finch’s Rebirth Batman in June, then I say job well done.

Batman 52 is out now at your favorite local comic shop.

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