COMIC REVIEW: Bane: Conquest #1

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Out today is the first installment of Bane: Conquest, issue one in a twelve part series, written by Chuck Dixon (Robin, Detective Comics) with art by Graham Nolan (Hawkworld, Power of the Atom). The legendary team that have worked together to release dozens of hit titles across the comic world, come back to write another chapter of one of their greatest creations. Bane. Few villains can stand at the same ranking as Bane, he has strength, determination, resources, and the brains to actually back it all up. However he has one more “Power” that I’ve always felt put him ahead of most other villains in the Batman series or even the entire DCU, and that’s Legion. Not necessarily the definition or even a number, but more or less the idea, Bane has the innate ability to not only inspire but to also command vast numbers of loyal followers. Along with a gift to orchestrate and coordinate complicated and drawn out schemes to accomplish his goals.

This issue begins on the open seas a few miles off the coast of Gotham, a freighter ship is waging a storm. Out of nowhere a smaller vessel approaches fast and begins an assault on the larger ship. The small crew of the attacking boat, men by the names of Zombie, Bird and Trogg, begin to formulate a plan. This is when the fourth member of their crew jumps to the larger ship in complete disregard to the others or their plan. It is revealed to us that the mad man is Bane himself, and he proceeds to take over the ship himself. Discovering the cargo of the freighter they make quick work of putting it at the bottom of the bay. After a regroup, the team hits the streets to find information on the receiver of the shipment they intercepted. Quick footwork is done and uncovers a name, Chango, and they soon put a face to it. However Bane is too late, it seems the big bad Bat beat him to the punch and Chango is in cuffs. Infuriated Bane post the bail, but only to get what he wants which is more information. After a brief conversation, the team
heads to Qurac and everyone gets into position ready to pounce. Bane moves first and just as things get going, it goes sideways. The team realizes the trap and begins to retreat, but it’s too late for Bane. A high ampere shock near paralyzes him, leaving him in the hands of a very dangerous man.

I thought this issue was really great, and the perfect new chapter in the constantly expanding mythology of Bane. His name is enough to get fans every where drooling at the thought of him gracing the pages. This time is even better than him being a side villain or having a quick arc and being dealt with, because we get another series with him as the main character. That’s not even the best part either, it’s also done by the two guys who created the character way back in 1993. Who knows the character better than these two, and that’s why I think this series will be as shocking as the original that lead into Knightfall.

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