Comic Review: Back to the Future: Citizen Brown #1

In Comic Books, IDW by Matthew Pionk2 Comments

Dial in your Time Circuits and check your Flux Capacitor, we’re going Back to the Future – or 1931. Back to the Future: Citizen Brown picks up in 1986, months following the events of the third cinematic installment where movie goers witnessed the destruction of the DeLorean time machine by an oncoming train.

We find Marty and Jennifer in the driveway of the McFly residence, no doubt reflecting on the epic journey through time. Marty’s attention is quickly refocused as the DeLorean miraculously jumps out of time travel with a cargo: a cassette record with a message. Doc Brown is in trouble and the only clue of his whereabouts from the pre-recorded message is to check the time circuit from where the time machine arrived from: Aug 18, 1931.

Back to the Future: Citizen Brown is Bob Gale and Erik Burnham’s adaptation of the 2011 video game by Telltale Games – a project Gale was a part of. Not to confuse readers with the IDW ongoing saga of Continuum Conundrum, the events of Citizen Brown take place in their own separate time stream: GREAT SCOTT!

If you’re a fan of the original movie trilogy, video game, or IDW’s ongoing series, be sure to pick up the Back to the Future: Citizen Brown miniseries from your local comic book store.

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