Comic Review: Aquaman #1

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Dc Comics, Writer: Dan Abnett, Artist: Andrew Hennessey, Bradley Walker

Do you like Aquaman? No? Well you need too! We are continuing our Rebirth time with the latest installation of it..Aquaman #1 but not Rebirth, it’s after Rebirth, but you all knew that!

Aquaman opens up with Mera and Arthur talking about the issue with The Drift in the Rebirth issue and how uniting the Sea and the Land is the most important thing in order to insure peace between the nations. But in the near distance is the arc nemesis of Aquaman…Black Manta! We cut to the Atlantean Dry Land Embassy in Massachusetts where Ray Delane of the Daily Planet and Lieutenant Joanna Stubbs of the British Navy are meeting with Captain Stark to discuss diplomacy political stuff, But, all hell breaks lose after the news reporter eats a sea slug…

Aquaman is beautiful, gorgeous artwork and a story that keeps you interested in what will happen when the sea and land truly meet on political terms for the first time. It’s crafted with tons of excitement and fits right into what we need in a comic book title since Geoff Jones picked it up in New 52. Aquaman is back and better than ever! Grab it while you can!