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Hitting the internet this week is DC Comic’s tie in to its hit CBS show SUPERGIRL. I’ve yet to catch an episode, but here positive things. Especially for star Melissa Benoist as the title character.

Like most #1’s this issue we get a peek into Superman’s cousin’s origin; from her Mother jettisoning her into space (abandonment issues) to being a geek in high school (everyone working on this site issues) and finally transitioning into Supergirl. But this is all backdrop to epic fight Rampage picks with her at the start of the book. The action is surprisingly solid.

Writer Sterling Gates and artist by Bengal do a really nice job here. The dialogue is light and fun and the story moves quickly. Bengal’s take on Supergirl is refreshing. She’s drawn like a young girl not a sexpot. I’m not a huge Supergirl by any means, but I was throughly entertained.

Like other DC digital comics, this book is only $.99 to download on Comixology, so you’re not out a lot of cash if this isn’t for you. Personally, I think this series is best suited for die-hard fans of either the show or character. But if you’re looking for a breezy all ages read you could do worse for sure.

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