Comic Review: ’68: Homefront

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‘68: Homefront is the latest 4 part arc in the popular Image/Meatginder fleshing eating series. Like all previous ‘68’s , this series is set in that popular year against the backdrop of the Vietnam war. Though ‘68 doesn’t have the human emotion that the Walking Dead carries, I’ve found it to be a solid series, with some really fun parts. I’m a sucker for anything retro or zombie, so zombie retro is just gore-tastic.

STK650416This current 4 part arc will be split into 2 2 part episodes. The first part is entitled PEECE and Love. It brings us back to the Rockwell town of Harbinger, Pennsylvania who is anticipating the biggest high school game of the season, unfortunately the opposing squad has just been slaughtered in a horrible bus accident, at the same, the deceased once lying peacefully on Love’s Funeral home’s stab begin to awake…and young Jenny homecoming queen, popular, cheerleader-is about to spill to her friends while they speed towards school for the big game, that she has been secretly dating the towns’ resident bad-boy Johnny Love.

Overall the book is solid. I thought the panel layout could’ve done a bit better, but all the art is solid. The writing like ‘68 books is good. Like I said before, I’m a sucker for retro and zombie’s…

There are several variant covers also available.

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