Comic Review: ’68 Homefront #3

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Duff here…

Man, I just dig this series so much. This go around we follow a twin draft dodgers entering Canada with their friend, whose cousin has secured refugee to wait out the war…and of course it goes horrible wrong.

The issue starts with Jeremiah Johnson type shooting up a bunch of mounties. Jump to our car of full of draft card burners being warned by a friendly town sheriff that theres accident up the road and a robbery explosion at the cement factory. The explosion seems to be the culprit for the zombie uprising in this quiet Canadian town, but it’s never confirmed.

As the issue ends, our chickenhawks, their friend, and her cousin arrive safe in their snowy hideout, only to find a dark secret.

They have managed to escape one war, but they have another one knocking at their door…

The image of flesh-eating Mounties is worth the $3.99, it’s fantastic imagery. Like I’ve said before I’m an unabashed fan of this series. The scripts are solid, as is the art every issue. Even know I wasn’t born until 1980, the 60’s have always fascinated me, such a pivotal time. It just adds that extra layer of drama, ya know.

Put this on your pull list, out Wednesday from Image & Meatgrinder.

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