Comic Review: ’68 Homefront #2

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Image Mark Kidwell Kyle Charles & Jay Fotos


Part two of ’68 Homefront: Peace and Love, sure has a lot of them. We have zombie basketball players, zombie mascots, zombie cheerleaders…it’s a hot mess of teenage undead.

Issue #2 again focuses on the torrid relationship of bad-boy Johnny Love and his too-good cheerleader girlfriend, Jenny, who has been secretly with Mr. Love for a while, much to the surprise of her friends and boyfriend. Is it going to up to this self-proclaimed Wild Bunch Brando to save this small PA town from the zombie horde? Will he have to confront his GF’s ex-super star boyfriend? Maybe….

’68 Homefront, is a fun series, and this 2 issue arc has been a blast to read. Next week, starts the being of the next 2 issue arc starts, I can’t wait.

(PS, zombies in PA in the sixties where have I heard of that before?)