Comic Review: 68′ Bad Sign (One Shot)

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So Duff (fellow writer here at SJP and all round cool guy) has been trying to get me to read ’68 Zombie series from Image Comics for what feels like 6 years. Now, I know that is not accurate because the series isn’t that old, but hyperbole aside, he has been singing it praises for some time. Because I am a stubborn man and try really hard to not partake in things that are badass and fun, I did not listen and kept ignoring him. Finally, after he filled my inbox with review copies of the comic book, I broke down and read this one shot. And as per usual Duff was completely right and I have a new title on my pull list at the comic shop…


’68 Bad Sign tells the true life story of the Zodiac killer that tormented the Bay Area back in the 60s and the two cops who are trying to catch him. The twist here is that while all this is going on a zombie outbreak has swept across the globe and now the world is hanging on by a thread. But this isn’t a zombie apocalypse tale, this is a “world is going to shit, but not there yet, so we still have a job to do” tale. That job being: Catch the Zodiac killer! 

 Writer Mark Kidwell does a fantastic job of summarizing the Zodiac Killer and the shitstorm he stirred up in the first few pages. If you’ve read anything or seen any movies on The Zodiac, you know he was never captured. There are a lot of theories on his/her identity, some that are compelling and some that are crazier than a shit house rat. Kidwell’s take on the famous killers identity falls with the latter. He gives us a truly terrifying (if not cliché’) take on the killer and honestly, it fits the tone of the book well. The Zodiac Killer in Bad Sign is twisted vicious monster, who is what most of would like to think the real killer was like. This monster is matched perfectly by Richard Bonks art, which is vibrate and rich.

 ’68 Bad Sign is not a historically accurate portrayal of The Zodiac Killer, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good one. It’s a quick read and easily digested. You won’t find any shocking revelations on the famous crime case, but you will walk away satisfied and eager to see what else this series has to offer. Dammit, I hate when Duff is right…

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