Comic Review: 10th Dr. Who #3

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DW_10D_03_Cover_A_PREVIEWS_RGB.jpg.size-600Doctor Who – New Adventures with the Tenth Doctor issues #1-3 are a fun little story about the Doctor in New York, looking for, fighting and, of course, defeating non-corporeal telepathic hunters that turn people into their own worst nightmares and feed of the fear and negative energy. I had a fun time reading it, but it had a slow beginning.

Issue #1 is basically a dud of a set up. It takes nearly 30 pages to establish that the main character, Gabriella, has problems with her overbearing family. That was actually established on the first page, but it continues for nearly the entire comic. You start to get bored quickly as it’s all family squabbling and no Doctor. But just as you get to the point where you realize you don’t even want to pick up issue #2, it finally gets interesting.

Issues #2 and #3 are a lot better, with some good Whovian action in them as the Doctor has to jump through a dimensional bridge – inside a washing machine – to stop an invasion that threatens to destroy Earth. It’s then a race through the city, followed everywhere by monsters, in a desperate attempt to save the world – and for Gabby to gain the respect of her family, naturally.

The artwork is right on point, though the dialogue doesn’t feel like David Tennant at all. If you overlook that, you can easily enjoy them. There are even some great visuals, including a panel of expressions on Gabby’s face when she first sees that the TARDIS is bigger on the inside, and in issue #3 when (in a single, easily-overlooked panel) the Doctor stares right at a weeping angel statue while running through a cemetery. Any Whovian will get a kick – and a shudder – out of that.

Slow beginning, picks up quick, turns out being an enjoyable story. Looking forward to the next issue.

P.N. Guin will be back next week to review the 1st issue of the adventures of the 12th Doctor from Titan Comics.