Comic Preview: WEIRD LOVE #5

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Duff here…

Usually when the term “weird love” is brought up on Slack Jaw Punks it refers to Bub and Jake’s bromance. For the sake of my gag reflex, this time it does not.

Back before the heavy hand of the comic code… Lived politically incorrect stories dripping with so much misogyny that even Sean Connery era Bond, would say “that’s a tad excessive, guys”—they ruled the shelves of James Dean’s Diner, and collect dust under Opi’s bed.

This month is yet another fine collection of these Archie Bunker fantasies with art inspired by Vargas.

Stories included:

“I Was Too Beautiful”
“Thrill Crazy”
“Mail-Order Bride”
“Leader of the Pack”
“Lady In A Jam”

Read it for nostalgia. Read it for your love of Marilyn Monroe. Read it for the laughs.
Read it ’cause it’s dang good.

(And we thought Archie and Jughead grew up wholesome?)

WeirdLove_5_cover 50


WEIRD Love #5

“Slices of deranged genius!”—Wired Magazine

Joe Gill & Various (w) • Ogden Whitney & Various (a) • Iger Shop (c)
Our cover boy likes big books, he cannot lie—and you’re going to love the latest issue of the unintentionally hilarious cult-favorite comic book Weird Love! The editors, Clizia Gussoni and Craig Yoe, who the 13th Dimension call, “The Masters and Johnson of comic books” find the most demented romance comics of the 1950s and present them in full lurid color for your repulsion/pleasure! Just wait until you read a story you’re SURE to relate to: “I Was Too Beautiful!”
FC • 32 pages • $3.99


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